1. Does Talay deliver to my suburb?

Prior to placing your order, please kindly check our suburb delivery calculator to find out if we do deliver to your suburb, which day of the week and the associated delivery fee which may be applied.

Check delivery area here

  1. What happens if my suburb is not on the Talay’s delivery list?

Please chat with us through our live chat box, direct message us through our Instagram at @talay.thaitide or simply send us an email, we might be able to do something for you.

  1. What if I require the delivery on the day that is not Talay’s scheduled suburb delivery day?

Please let us know. We can engage our live delivery partner to deliver to you on the day and time required by you. The delivery fee is based on the distance between our restaurant and your delivery destination. Simply chat with us through our live chat box, direct message us through our Instagram at @talay.thaitide or email us eat@thaitide.com.au to find out the exact delivery fee and we shall process your order at the earliest.

  1. What if I require at a specific time?

Again, we can do that for you. Please refer to FAQ 3

  1. Do I need to be home for the delivery?

Yes, you do need to be home for the delivery. Our delivery window is between 15:00-18:00. Our delivery partner will perform a contactless delivery. He/she will give you notice via phone call or SMS prior to arrival. If you wish to find out a more specific time of your delivery arrival, please send us a direct message. We may be able to inform you the exact delivery time from our live delivery tracker.

  1. Will Talay inform me prior to arriving? 

Yes, we will send out two SMSs. One SMS notification will be sent one day prior to the delivery day and another SMS notification will be sent when our delivery person has left the restaurant for your delivery. 

  1. What if I have specific dietary requirements?

Please kindly let us know in the comment section prior to submitting your order.

  1. Do I need specific tools to get into the crabs? 

For your convenience, our chef will crack the crab as much as possible. You only need clean hands, a good pair of scissors to get into the crab legs and a whole lot of napkins.

  1. Is the food ready to eat? Do I still need to heat? Do I need to cook to finish off the meal?

The food will be ready to heat and eat. No cooking is required. Please find the link below for the reheating instructions.

  1. Is it possible to buy seafood meal as a gift for my loved ones?

Most certainly. Please kindly let us know. You can leave a personalized message to your loved ones and we will be honored to pass on the message on your behalf.

  1. How long do I need to preorder for delivery?

Please allow us 24 hours in advance to prepare for your delivery order.

  1. How long do I need to preorder for pick up?

Please allow us at least 30 minutes lead time to fulfill your order. Pick Up has no minimum purchase amount required.

  1. Where is the pickup address?

Our Location

Thai Tide 

171 Bourke street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: 03 9650 7987

  1. Can I cancel my delivery, make changes or move dates?

You may cancel your order or make changes to your order up to a day prior to your delivery day without any charges or fees.

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